Frequently Asked Questions


What is Payroll Service UK? Payroll Service UK helps small and medium size businesses all over the UK to ensure every element of their payroll is correct and legally compliant. We provide detailed and secure keeping of financial, tax, employee, and payment records, along with alleviating the stress of handling payroll internally. We employ experienced accountants and payroll professionals to cover all your payroll needs.  The information on payroll which you need will always be available

What are the benefits of having us handle your payroll?

We reduce the stress and cost of businesses running their own payroll. We offer a professional yet personal service to our clients, where attention to detail is key.  Our payroll software is very user friendly.

We’re a constant partner you can really rely on. For example, if the person responsible for your payroll suddenly left your company, how long would it take to train another person to do it? And could you maintain an uninterrupted, accurate pay service during this period? It’s a worry you can easily handle with us as your payroll partner.

How much do our services cost?  obamacare-cartoon-6-a-256x300

This depends on which elements of your payroll service we handle. We offer either an item by item pricing approach or a fixed fee per year per employee. Our promise that we won’t be beaten on price guarantees that you won’t the same level of service elsewhere for less.

Please request a quote and one of our skilled customer service representatives will contact you to discuss options and costs.

Why should I use Payroll Service UK?

If you handle your own payroll, you know how tedious, time consuming, and expensive it can get. Enlist the support of Payroll Services UK and you can concentrate on building business and increasing turnover, not wasting valuable time on form filling and complex calculations.

How can I be sure my company’s information will be kept confidential?  ejonline_201002_confidentiality

We take a personal approach to this matter. You will have a committed and trustworthy payroll contact, and a focused team of payroll experts meeting and exceeding your payroll needs. From confidentiality to accuracy to precision, you can trust us to get the job done.

What is involved in the process of switching over to Payroll Service UK?

As each business is different, we create a bespoke payroll services plan for each of our clients. You’ll receive a full assessment followed by a payroll services plan that we’ll only put into action when you’re 100% satisfied. We’ll then implement your plan gradually and efficiently.